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Accident Towing

We understand that being involved in a car accident, no matter how minor or major, can be an unsettling experience. Modern vehicles are designed to absorb the impact of collisions to safeguard drivers and passengers. While this technology is essential for your safety, it often means that your car may sustain damage that renders it undrivable. That's where we come in.

Reliable Towing Anytime, Anywhere

Rain or shine, day or night, Hamion Towing is equipped and ready to respond. We have the tools, trucks, and trained workforce to help you efficiently and safely tow your vehicle following an accident. Our round-the-clock service ensures that no matter when an accident occurs, we are just a call away from providing the assistance you need.

Protecting Your Vehicle Post-Accident

One of your first concerns after an accident is likely the condition of your vehicle. Our fleet of flatbed trucks is specifically designed to ensure that the car does not suffer any additional damage during the towing process. Flatbed towing is the safest option for transporting a damaged vehicle because it avoids further wear and tear—your automobile is securely mounted and transported without touching the ground, safe from road debris and potholes.

Customized Towing Solutions

We understand that after an accident, you may need some time to decide the next steps for your vehicle, so we offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Direct Towing to Auto Body Shops: We can tow your vehicle directly to your preferred auto body shop, facilitating a quick start on repairs.
  • Secure Vehicle Storage: If you are unsure where or when you want your vehicle repaired, we can hold your vehicle at our secure facility. You can decide at your convenience without feeling rushed.

Ease & Convenience

Accidents can be nerve-wracking, and our goal is to make the aftermath as easy and painless as possible. We handle everything from the moment you call us until your vehicle is safely delivered to the repair shop or our storage facility. Our team is trained to manage all aspects of accident towing with empathy and professionalism, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free process for you.

Working With Insurance

Dealing with insurance after an accident can be a hassle, but we're here to help. Many insurance policies cover the cost of towing, and we work closely with most insurance companies. We can assist you in managing the necessary paperwork to claim these services. Just let us know your insurer, and we will coordinate directly with them to streamline the process.

Ready To Help At Any Moment

When you're in need of accident towing services, remember that Hamion Towing is more than just a service provider. We're your partner during these stressful times, providing the support and guidance you need. Rest assured, when you choose Hamion Towing, you're choosing a partner who cares as much about the safety and security of your vehicle as you do.